The anterior cruciate ligament or ACL is an extremely important component of the knee. Because of this, you need to avoid damaging it if you don't want your movements to become hindered. ACL injury is most frequent among athletes due to the effort which they exert and their inclination towards sudden change of movements. In the event you accidentally injured your knee however, you will need to go through a surgery depending on the extent of the damage done. You also have to undergo physical therapy which you can effectively do right at your own home.

ACL injury exercises are now widely prescribed by doctors to help prevent further wear and tear of your previously damaged ligament. There are a lot of simple exercises which you can incorporate in your day to day activities to avoid further damage and pressure on the lower portion of your body.

Some Exercises

Some simple exercises which you can perform at your home include standing in front of the mirror and wobbling the knees slowly. This will relax the muscles. You may also do half squatting positions every once in awhile. Stretching your legs is also helpful to heal the damaged tissues and ligament. Do not overwork your muscles. You can test simple walking and bending when the pain is bearable. Whenever you feel extreme pain however, make sure you immediately notify your physician.

Healing the Tear

Among the best techniques to heal the damaged tissue is by applying cold compress. This is particularly beneficial if swelling is still visible. This will help in minimizing the swelling and reducing the pain consequently. It's also wise to take care that you do not damage your knee again.

To be able to hasten recovery from an ACL injury, it is best to pay attention to your doctor and your therapist. Do simple exercises that are approved by your doctor. You may also apply ointments and gels to minimize swelling and reduce the pain that you feel. With enough effort and commitment, you will be able to get back on your knees in no time.