Data show that around 100,000 U.S. citizens suffer an ACL tear or anterior cruciate ligament annually. Individuals who are active in sporting activities are certainly prone to such an injury around the knee ligament. Also, if you know someone that loves playing active games and sports, you must have heard about this injury.

The truth is that incidents related to the knee are incredibly common amongst sports for instance basketball, winter sports, soccer, etc simply because these sports involve lots of twisting, leaping and many other activities that place so much strain on the knees. A rip in the ACL is probably the scariest sports injuries because a player suffering from it will need to be sidelined for some time, plus the undeniable fact that an ACL surgery is expensive and very unpleasant. It also uses a lot of therapies after the surgery prior to the patient totally recovers from it.

The anterior cruciate ligament or ACL is found in the center of the knee and its particular function is to control the activity of the tibia. If there is something that slows down the forward movement of the tibia, there will surely be damage to the ACL. Perhaps the most common cause of this kind of damage is the sudden alteration of directions of the knee movement. Females are also prone to suffer from an ACL tear because they have broader hips. Study also signifies that female soccer players are eight times more susceptible to this type of knee injury than guy players.

The good thing is that you have steps you can take to protect yourself from ripping your ACL. To begin with, the strength of your system is vital. Robust muscles play a crucial role in minimizing your risk of experiencing a torn ACL. You should improve your leg muscles to stabilize your knees.

It is also essential that you do some stretching before and after playing sports or performing exercise. Yoga exercises is believed as one of the most effective ways of conditioning your muscles before you embark on a arduous activity. It's also advisable to know that excess fat in the stomach area is very likely toput a great deal of strain on the knees.

People who have gone through an injury in the ACL are naturally very vulnerable to having an ACL pressure again later on. To prevent the recurrence of this kind of knee ligament injury, a knee brace or even any kind of soft support around the knee ought to be used. This will ensure that the knees are stable throughout the activities. There are also plenty of orthopedic braces and also other gears you can find that are made for the safety against ACL tear.